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About Us

We are Doug and Rubye Rollins. Our farm is located in Decatur, Tx., in the North Central part of the state. We began our adventure into the world of goats four years ago when we moved to a small farm in the country. We love the country life and were trying to decide what we could raise. We didn't have enough land for cattle and a friend suggested goats, because they were becoming quite popular and could be raised on less acreage.

So we bought a small herd of full balood traditional boer goats and the adventure and challenge began. We soon learned that there was more to it than just putting a bunch of goats in a pasture to breed. Through much trial and error, we learned about the breeding, genetics it takes to raise quality goats and that the work really begins at kidding time. Especially if they kid in the winter. We have spent many nights out in the barn in freezing weather to make sure all went well and the babies survived. Of course, we lost a few at first but we have learned a lot and our effort has been worth it.

We have kept our herd small so that we can devote individual attention and care to each and every one of our breeding does in an effort to achieve our goal of raising the best boer goats available.

One day at an auction I saw a black goat and fell in love with it and decided I just had to have one. I told my husband I wanted a black doe for Christmas. That's when we discovered the Black Boer Goats.

After much research and looking we found what we wanted . My husband bought me not one but twelve black Boers. Eleven does and one buck. Thanks to Joe Tipton and his daughter JoNell Waggoner, our dream began

Our goal is to breed the best black and red boer goats with quality, size, conformation and genetics available. Whether it be for show, quality breeding stock or commercial stock replacement. Whatever your needs may be.

In addition, we recently decided to add CODI/PCI to our breeding program. We were able to acquire a young CODI/PCI 100% SA solid red buck and several red Codi does from Dave and Pat Melton of P&D Boers in Jennings , OK . and will be offering Codi Colors in the near future

Our bloodlines include: Kaptein, Ennobled, Eggs Ryals Magnum, Ennobled, Eggstreme, Ennobled Top Gun 2, Mr. Codi Black, Codi Redman, Mojo Magic Ennobled, Der Cotton SA,DSM Sir Edmund, Eggsellent Ennobled, Sasquatch, Ennobled, Tsjaka, Ennobled, Red Codi Red Eagle, SBI Red Barron, SBI OBA Brennan, Downen Big 85, Dow Pipeline, Hershey's Chocolate, Hershey's Jet Black and others.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and we invite you to visit our farm and take a look and talk goats any time. Just call ahead to make sure we are home.

Thank you for visiting our website.


Cottonwood Creek Farm

Rubye Rollins
399 CR 2535
Decatur, TX 76234

940-210-8255  - cell

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