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In 1994 an exotic animal importer named Jurgen Schultz, with the help of Norman Kohls and Tollie Jordaan, spent several months search for 400+ of the very best quality Boer goats that South Africa had to offer. These 400+ Boer goats were purchased from several South African producers.

CODI -- "Camelids of Delaware Inc." was the name of Jurgen Schultz Exports Company.

PCI -- "Pet Center International" was in charge of the customs processing and paper work. This is how the name "CODI PCI" originated

The Boers that were purchased in South Africa were assembled at Tollie Jordaan Ranch in South Africa. Then they were shipped to Key West Florida and put into quarantine. At a later date, while still under quarantine, they were moved to Jurgen Schultz Ranch at Lampasas, Texas where they lived and raised. They were tagged with a yellow triangle tag that said CODI PCI, tattooed in the flank for safety. Then in 1996 Jurgen Schultz decided to disperse the herd.

People were eager to get these Boer goats. What had been imported thus far from South Africa was far less quality than those so-called CODI PCI goats.

How do you know if it is CODI PCI?

On the ABGA registration papers the numbers beginning with TX 630??? were live imports from South Africa. The numbers beginning with TX 631??? were offspring of the imports born during quarantine.

South Africa Stud # 994/?, 915/?, 914/?, 911/? Are some of the sires and dams of the imported CODI PCI goats. There are other South African studs with different numbers also that could have produced live import boers.

Very notable direct imported full blood CODI PCI are ennobled Kaptein, ennobled Tsjaka, ennobled Lobola, ennobled Codi Queen, and Leona, DSM Kala, 555, ennobled 519, and many more.

Notable full blood CODI PCI's born in quarantine is ennobled Frances, ennobled Codi Dot, TND Leroy, Shaka Zulu, Chisum, Boss Man, and many more.

Also, other notable full blood CODI PCI's that are sons and daughters of the direct live import and the ones that were born in quarantine are ennobled Bulldog, ennobled Renoir, ennobled Argus Acres Rebecca, ennobled Renoir Codi, Sharon's One, Big Mama, DJ, Cloud Dancing, Sharon Two, and many, many more.

With this type of record that is why so many of the world's best Boer goats are from CODI seed stock and their offspring.

CODI PCI boers are known to be structurally correct, excellent mothers; good milk producers, carries thickness of frame, depth in body and are excellent on their feet and legs. They are more disease and parasite resistant.

With CODI PCI genetics in your herd, you have a more constant quality of goats.

Thanks to Dave & Pat Melton for this information



CODI/PCI SA Boer Goat Herd Sire
Born: 11/15/09
Dam: SB1 T316 Codi/Pci SA

                         Reference Only
                                            Former Herdsire
                                  100% Full CODI/PCI
Aikman is a Full Codi/Pci Buck with tremendous muscle mass,bone structure, thick from front to back, great conformation, breed character and gentle disposition at just 16 months old. He is a proven breeder with new kids on the ground that are looking great. We are looking forward to some awesome kids from him.

Click here for Full Record (including Pedigree and more pictures )

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